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Live the Life of Your Dreams

Harness your inner power, achieve boundless freedom, and awaken your true potential. As your dedicated coach and guide, I'll help you create the life of your dreams with unwavering support and transformative insights.

Live the Life of Your Dreams

Find freedom, spiritual awakening, and transformational insights with a positive and supportive partner.

Manifest and leap into the freedom and life of your dreams, while connecting deeply with and being led by the Divine.

I will help you get there.

I’m so glad you’re here. It means you’re seeking – whether it be freedom, a greater connection to the Divine, or support in clarifying and manifesting your heartfelt dreams – or all of the above! And thankfully all of my offerings are designed to do just that.

Read on to see how I may support you on your unique journey…


1:1 Coaching

Over the course of 6-12 months you will take a deep dive into your transformation and uplevel your life with a loving and powerful guide and partner.
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Woman cups the sun between her hands, held above her head.

Women's Intention Circles

In this 10-12 week group program, you will accelerate your intentions and manifestations through a supportive community of women!

Ideal Scene Workshop

In this one day workshop you will clarify and articulate your heart-felt dreams through the power of conscious cultivation and co-creating with the Divine.
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These 90 minute guided group sessions are designed to help you find emotional release and experience surrender through the power of breath.


Thinking Partnerships

A powerful and unique 1:1 process designed to allow you to receive your own deep insights and awareness through an area of your life where you are lacking clarity or empowerment as you think for yourself and are listened to without being interrupted.
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Coach Dawn Stevenson wears a white dress and smiles, standing in a grassy, natural setting

Get To Know Dawn

I’m a soul-centered and compassionate professional Coach with a deep connection with the Divine, focusing on self-care and personal power.

My biggest passion is to help others name, claim, and manifest their heart-felt dreams through spiritual awakening and transformational insight.


“Dawn is an extraordinary facilitator, leader, guide, priestess of light! If you get the chance do not hesitate! She creates and hold container for the miraculous!”

-Alice Khalsa, Intuitive Women’s Wellness Coach

“Dawn’s intention circle was an incredible and transformational experience. Whether or not you’re coming into the circle with something very specific you wish to manifest, or simply showing up with an open mind that’s eager to soak up sisterhood at its finest and work/harness your light—this circle is for you. Dawn is a grounding and healing spirit—a natural guide. Her expertise and leadership made me feel held, honored, seen and deeply loved throughout this journey. Starting each week in the presence of such powerful and incredible women really set the vibrational tone for my entire week. I feel more connected to the light and to myself and my purpose than ever before.”

-Erinn Sullivan, Founder & Brand Alchemist, Luna Impact Creative Studio

“Meeting and speaking with Dawn for the first time felt like coming home~ I knew I was in the right place at the right time, with the right women and the right leader to open up my journey back to the goddess mysteries. Dawn created a sacred space for us all to be ourselves, vulnerable and raw, and the wisdom she imparted on us over the 10 weeks was full of beauty, intention, and grace. The experience has helped me find a grounding in my daily routine, reinvest in my self-care and regeneration, and clearly call forth the divine feminine into my life to give me greater ease around work, relationships, and habits. The most valuable insights from the PO8 sister intention circle were the meditations the other sister’s provided around my intention. They saw me strong, powerful, and held by my ancestors before me. Their visions will stay with me and continue to guide me for a lifetime”

-Keely Hathorn Badger, Human Rights Activist

“I was introduced to Dawn by a mutual friend and quickly joined one of her intention circles. I liked it so much that I participated in another one later in the same year. By holding space for myself, my intentions and the other women in the circles I was able to make Herculean shifts in my life after feeling “stuck” for years. I got in the best shape of my life, paid off debt that had been haunting me, made the move to a lovely seaside town near my family, shed relationships that no longer served me and attracted a job with seven-digit earning potential that’s perfect for me. With the loving support of intention circle, the powerful women who participated and Dawn’s supportive guidance I was able to make breakthroughs in my life that before had seemed out of reach. My relationship with myself and the Divine blossomed as a result of participating in the circles. I grew to love each of the women in the circles in a very sacred way because we had held space for one another to grow. I look forward to the next intention circle and working with Dawn again very soon.”


“Dawn is an exceptional leader. She so generously and graciously created a beautiful container for the circle, an experience I will never forget. Dawn has an incredible ability to intuitively lead, and with compassion and care, she created a beautiful circle and safe container for us to share openly – and was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I learned and grew so much by participating in the circle, in ways I had not expected. I learned through the other women sharing their intention and experiences, which often tapped into something I needed to address or just embrace within myself. My 1:1 with Dawn was so impactful that it created awareness and release on something I was holding onto that I was not consciously aware off – we took care of something in one session that three years of therapy didn’t address. Truly one of the most profound personal experiences and I’m still manifesting aspects coming out of our circle. I felt an immediate shift, immediate awareness, and immediate results. I look forward to joining another circle in the future to continue growth and co-creating my most aligned path.”

-Sheri McLaughlin, Sales Director, Media + Brand Partnerships