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1:1 Coaching

Over the course of 6-12 months you will take a deep dive into your transformation and uplevel your life with a loving & powerful guide and partner.

A two lane road disappears into an orange and blue sunset., illustrating self journey
Personal growth and transformation and co-creating the life you desire takes commitment, self awareness, a willingness to look at and do things you have been avoiding and/or suppressing, giving the pain a voice, learning to love, accept, forgive, have compassion, integrate all of yourself (shadow and light), and connecting with and learning how to feel safe in your body. It takes courage, money, inner resources, and a willingness to be vulnerable.

The process of becoming can be scary, intimidating, isolating and hard; this is why most people live life in reaction to their circumstances. Hiding, numbing and staying comfortably asleep. This is why most people don’t manifest their heart’s desires.

This Is Where I Come In

  • As your coach I will take you through this process, partnering with you and the Divine to co-create a sacred container for our work.
  • I will guide you, hold space for you, witness you, help you get crystal clear on and help you manifest your desires, teach you tools to make the whole process easier, and help you co-create a new way of being in the world.
  • We will celebrate your showing up for yourself and your transformation frequently.
  • I will show up 100% for you, and you must do the same for yourself.

It’s a privilege to walk my clients through this journey.


“Dawn is an extraordinary facilitator, leader, guide, priestess of light! If you get the chance do not hesitate! She creates and hold container for the miraculous!”

-Alice Khalsa, Intuitive Women’s Wellness Coach

“Dawn’s intention circle was an incredible and transformational experience. Whether or not you’re coming into the circle with something very specific you wish to manifest, or simply showing up with an open mind that’s eager to soak up sisterhood at its finest and work/harness your light—this circle is for you. Dawn is a grounding and healing spirit—a natural guide. Her expertise and leadership made me feel held, honored, seen and deeply loved throughout this journey. Starting each week in the presence of such powerful and incredible women really set the vibrational tone for my entire week. I feel more connected to the light and to myself and my purpose than ever before.”

-Erinn Sullivan, Founder & Brand Alchemist, Luna Impact Creative Studio

“Meeting and speaking with Dawn for the first time felt like coming home~ I knew I was in the right place at the right time, with the right women and the right leader to open up my journey back to the goddess mysteries. Dawn created a sacred space for us all to be ourselves, vulnerable and raw, and the wisdom she imparted on us over the 10 weeks was full of beauty, intention, and grace. The experience has helped me find a grounding in my daily routine, reinvest in my self-care and regeneration, and clearly call forth the divine feminine into my life to give me greater ease around work, relationships, and habits. The most valuable insights from the PO8 sister intention circle were the meditations the other sister’s provided around my intention. They saw me strong, powerful, and held by my ancestors before me. Their visions will stay with me and continue to guide me for a lifetime”

-Keely Hathorn Badger, Human Rights Activist

“Dawn is a masterful teacher and coach. I’ve had transformative experiences each time I’ve participated in the intention circles and had a session with her. She’s helped me to break through obstacles that I couldn’t see. She’s helped me to become a better version of myself and feel connected to my Divine feminine.”

-Marika, Real Estate Professional

“Dawn’s leadership is powerful, clear and loving. As a facilitator, Dawn embodies the perfect balance of boundaries and containment paired with genuine curiosity and care. I would recommend her coaching and/or groups to anyone ready to make a shift in their lives.”

-Anita, Artist & Musician

“It was truly magical to be held in that space. I’ve never in my life thought out loud for that long with a loving ear on the other end, truly present and engaged but without any judgement to be found. And with Dawn’s heart there, and her secret sauce, it was healing as a daughter – I really felt like there was a divine mother energy there giving me the support and love that I’ve had a deep longing for. An unexpected and highly moving element. Lots of breakthroughs and clarity. Highly recommend.”