“Dawn is an exceptional leader. She so generously and graciously created a beautiful container for the circle, an experience I will never forget. Dawn has an incredible ability to intuitively lead, and with compassion and care, she created a beautiful circle and safe container for us to share openly – and was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I learned and grew so much by participating in the circle, in ways I had not expected. I learned through the other women sharing their intention and experiences, which often tapped into something I needed to address or just embrace within myself. My 1:1 with Dawn was so impactful that it created awareness and release on something I was holding onto that I was not consciously aware off – we took care of something in one session that three years of therapy didn’t address. Truly one of the most profound personal experiences and I’m still manifesting aspects coming out of our circle. I felt an immediate shift, immediate awareness, and immediate results. I look forward to joining another circle in the future to continue growth and co-creating my most aligned path.”

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