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Ideal Scene Workshop

In this one day workshop you will clarify and articulate your heart-felt dreams through the power of conscious cultivation and co-creating with the Divine.

Within the outline of a woman's head is a tree with the sun setting in its branches.

Are you ready to birth your deepest desires into reality? I’m thrilled to announce the return of one of my signature offerings: "Design Your Ideal Future" an empowering one-day workshop dedicated to helping you manifest your heart's truest aspirations. Together, we will delve into the transformative power of conscious cultivation and co-creation with the Divine.

Workshop Details

Whether it’s a fulfilling career, a soulful purpose, a loving partner, abundance, a supportive community, spiritual growth, or vibrant well-being, this workshop is designed to ignite your motivation and provide the guidance you need.

I’ve recently updated the workshop to include several innovative cutting-edge resources that have the power to unlock new levels of potential and outcomes; I can’t wait to share them with you!

During this transformative day, you will:

  • Unleash the power of co-creation by mastering the “Ideal Scene” technique.
  • Identify and update limiting beliefs that hinder your progress and imagination.
  • Engage in a sacred guided breathwork ritual, grounding you in the present and opening doors to endless possibilities.
  • Craft an expansive and potent Ideal Scene that breathes life into your heart’s desires.
  • Learn to listen to your inner voice, confidently express your heartfelt desires, and embrace them wholeheartedly.
  • Discover effective strategies to infuse vitality into your Ideal Scene, manifesting your dreams in the physical world.
  • Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, all dedicated to conscious co-creation.

If you’ve been longing for change but feel stuck or lacking motivation, or if you’ve made some progress but crave consistency and tangible results, this workshop is perfect for you.

This is a sacred gathering in service to helping you birth your heart-felt dreams into existence with GRACE and EASE!

Mark your calendars for an extraordinary workshop experience: 

Date: Saturday, August 26th, 2023 

Time: 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM PDT (with a 30-minute lunch break at 1:30 PM)

Location: Online via Zoom 

Secure your spot at a special rate:

  • Bring a Friend Discount: Invite a friend and receive $50 off if they signup and pay!
  • Regular Pricing: $300

Please note that the ending and lunch times are approximate, allowing for a flexible and immersive experience.


“I got so much out of my Ideal Scene Workshop with Dawn. Although I have created many of ideal scenes of the years, Dawn brought a fresh perspective and some new processes that allowed me to deepen into one of the most powerful Ideal Scenes I’ve ever made. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking to consciously create a vision for their life.”

-Anita, Artist & Musician

“In my experience working with Dawn, I have truly felt the power of being heard, and within that space, and Dawn’s transformational processing, I have connected to my inner wisdom, and my inner compass. Dawn is a powerful facilitator, helping the student confront limiting beliefs and shifting through them. I am so touched at the depth of Dawn’s heart and her commitment to this work.”

-Rosalina L, Corporate Executive

“Dawn is a uniquely gifted facilitator of this work. I have been to every kind of workshop and seminar from Tony Robbins to Abraham Hicks to Dr. Margaret Paul’s Inner Bonding and many others. At Dawn’s half-day workshop I was able to make a significant breakthrough of tremendous value to me. She helped me unlock a limiting belief that was really holding me back, and my life has been opening up in unexpected ways ever since. If you are wondering whether a workshop with Dawn will help you move forward, I can definitely say the answer is yes!”

-S Schwartz, English Professor

“Dawn facilitated an amazing workshop that was filled with light, hope and encouragement. She guided us through significant issues in an atmosphere that was caring, safe, and brought out important insights. She is a gifted facilitator for planning important changes in your life.”

-K Cushing, Writer and Executive

“Dawn thoughtfully, methodically and intentionally created a divinely led container that felt safe, inspiring and up-lifting all at once. The care and thought she put into each piece she created and facilitated was acutely apparent and felt in order and timely- always! Dawn is a strong leader and makes each person feel powerful and seen. We all knew we were part of something so special because of her, and didn’t want it to end.”

-Amy Lloyd, Advisor and Consultant

“Have you ever felt stuck in a mental space, just waiting for an experience to carry you through that liminal state of mind block to mind blown? Enter Dawn, ladies and gentlemen. Get unstuck. Come out of that dark, closed space. The first appearance of light; her name says it all. Do it and love it.”

-Bronson Lauper, Project Manager