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Meet Dawn

I am a grounded guide and strong leader, here to serve you and guide you on your path.

My secret sauce is my connection to Divine guidance and intuition, while being firmly grounded in the love and grace available right now.

Dawn Stevenson, Coach, wears a tan silk dress and smiles, in a natural setting.

I bring 23 years of experience as an executive leader in Corporate America along with a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing.

This means that I have direct experience of manifesting the outer success and goals, while also having the training and experience to help my clients shift on the inside, the inner work.

My very gentle, open and compassionate heart creates an incredibly safe container for clients to explore their deepest thoughts. I bring a creative writer’s heart and hold sacred the creative process. I bring a deep connection to the Divine and help my clients co-create and manifest through Divine guidance and leadership.

My tool belt includes many diverse tools:

· 23 years as a Corp Am leader and executive,

· Artist Way assistant experience in the work and creative process,

· MA in Spiritual Psychology w/an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing,

· Soul Centered Professional Coaching Certification,

· Thinking Environment/Pair/Partnership training and experience,

· Revelation Breathwork Certified Facilitator,

· Currently enrolled in Layla Martin’s VITA™ year-long Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Certification program.

Coach Dawn Stevenson wears a white dress and smiles, standing in a grassy, natural setting


I have been leading and coaching for over 25 years.

My biggest passion is to help others name, claim, manifest and live into their deepest desires and heart-felt dreams. What scares the shit out of you and do you dare to go for it? Are you up for the challenge, the adventure and for meeting yourself – face-to-face – no holds barred?

I am an artist and my craft is the art and practice of manifesting through the Divine. Alchemy of the soul. Divine Will. Surrender. Trust. My medium is prayer, 1:1 coaching, leading circles and groups, and the written word. I bow down in reverence to the great Creatrix and the Creator in each and every one of us.

I meet the Divine and the divinity within myself through the art of listening, prayer, inquiry, and support of others.

I am here to change the world.


I was on the verge of burnout.

I’d clocked over 23 years in corporate America, and almost twelve years with my current company. Exhausted and disconnected from the work I was doing, the last few years had been particularly intense because we had acquired 4 companies in less than two years and I was in charge of integrating their support into our organization. This involved eliminating positions, teams, and ultimately laying people off. I found myself with all sorts of walls up, in order to just make it through a day. I was growing increasingly more and more frustrated and depleted. This was not the work my soul was yearning to do.

Stressed corporate woman holds her head over her desk.

My heart wanted to be doing something meaningful, something where I could be helping people connect to themselves, and to their souls - but I had no clear ideas - nor could I fathom a way to make a living even close to what I was used to. And I would be walking away from a lot of money; the golden handcuffs are no joke. Needless to say I was stuck, stuck, stuck.

It became clear that my work was focused on both the soul and the feminine nature of life. I’d realized part of my burn out came from living my life in a very masculine driven way – that while my life on the outside looked incredibly successful – I had gotten there using the masculine energy, depleting myself in the end. Nothing is wrong with the masculine energy, but I was out of balance and I longed to be more in my feminine – to slow down, to spend time connecting with myself and others, and enjoy my life, be able to receive and let go of the grip of needing to be in control.

Slowing down, listening to what I needed, listening for what felt right and operating from that place TOOK TIME. Took repetition. Took working through my limiting beliefs and fears that came up whenever I wanted to follow my inner guidance. What if I made mistakes? What if I hurt people? Who was I without my job title? Who would I be without the big salary and stock options? Would I be lonely and struggling without the structure of going to work every day? Would I waste all my time? Was I crazy for walking away from my salary and my compensation packages? What was I even going to do with my time? And on and on and on…those fears came up.

Luckily, I knew enough to know that I needed support and had hired several amazing coaches to support me through the process.

My current coach and I have been working together for four years, going on five now. Leading up to my leaving my job, my coach and I used our time to strengthen my trust in my inner guidance. It was like going to the gym – except I had to build the muscle of checking in and taking action and watching how life unfolded in real time – versus staying stuck (as I had been!) in the perpetual loops of what ifs and I can’ts – all speculations on what could possibly go wrong. I learned the practice of showing up daily for myself, and asking and receiving guidance from the divine.

Before taking on the big decision on leaving my career, I got to practice listening and trusting my intuition and Divine guidance and taking inspired action in other areas of my life: within romantic relationships, making choices about classes I wanted to take, and places I wanted to volunteer. As my muscle got stronger throughout our coaching – I began to trust myself more and was able to go in and negotiate a four month sabbatical so I could test out my fears in a way that felt doable to me. This was huge as our company did not offer sabbaticals. And it was exactly what I needed.

Dawn Stevenson standing confidently in a natural setting, smiling at the camera.

In that short time, that flew by, I was able to get a glimpse of who I was beyond my job.

I got a glimpse of what could open up in my life if I could let go of that position. It was exactly what I needed to take the leap. On November 16, 2018 I completed my job, retiring at the age of 45. I created a conscious completion that honored this ending on a deep soul level. I felt seen, appreciated, valued, and celebrated. While it was incredibly challenging to leave that part of my life behind, I also had build muscle of trust to believe that what was waiting for me on the other side so was much richer, authentic, and Spirit-led.

My new life is one where the Divine and my Spirit are leading the way and where I allow things to unfold rather than jump into something else to satisfy my ego. I travel the world to far-off places, on Spirit-led adventures, meet incredible people, and create and participate in experience I never knew possible. I spend my time how I want to living into the ultimate freedom and space to co-create the life I have always dreamed of. I take care of myself on all levels, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, in ways that I never thought possible.

I take classes and workshops and learn new skills, and read all of those books I never had time to read. And I am having a BLAST creating content, building workshops, facilitating workshops, building out my platform, creating and coaching 1:1 clients, and sharing my creative expression by writing articles and my memoir. I have cultivated and co-created a new career as a coach, writer, and teacher, a deeper connection to Divine guidance and love, and a more fulfilling connection with myself, my needs, my boundaries and my desires.

I am so grateful to have had a coach throughout this entire process. To have her tracking with me the whole time, often 1-2 steps ahead – so that when I did get lost, she was the anchor pulling me back to shore – was absolutely huge for me.

Is this you? Are you stuck in a career that no longer lights you up? Are you risk-averse and full of fears about letting go of an identity that you worked so hard to create? Are you scared to let go of your paycheck, benefits, and that perceived security of working for someone else? Do you dream of creating your own life, owning your day and living into the freedom that this allows? Do you want to write that book that’s been in you forever? Or travel the world?

I’m here for you. Given my own path, I can help you become unstuck, unblocked and gain clarity on what you want to co-create.

I will help you slow down and work on the inner blocks and limiting beliefs that are stopping you.

I can help you distill things down to the key components to increase your focus and energy.

I can help you learn how to take better care of yourself and create new and healthy habits so that you can give from the overflow, not depletion.

I can help you manifest your intentions and ideal scenes, helping you see what’s blocking you and helping move you through it.

I will be your partner, supporting you alongside, being an enthusiastic, excited and supportive cheerleader, acknowledging and prizing you every step of the way. And of course I will call you out on your shit and help you work through it.


“Dawn is a uniquely gifted facilitator of this work. I have been to every kind of workshop and seminar from Tony Robbins to Abraham Hicks to Dr. Margaret Paul’s Inner Bonding and many others. At Dawn’s half-day workshop I was able to make a significant breakthrough of tremendous value to me. She helped me unlock a limiting belief that was really holding me back, and my life has been opening up in unexpected ways ever since. If you are wondering whether a workshop with Dawn will help you move forward, I can definitely say the answer is yes!”

-S Schwartz, English Professor

“I was introduced to Dawn by a mutual friend and quickly joined one of her intention circles. I liked it so much that I participated in another one later in the same year. By holding space for myself, my intentions and the other women in the circles I was able to make Herculean shifts in my life after feeling “stuck” for years. I got in the best shape of my life, paid off debt that had been haunting me, made the move to a lovely seaside town near my family, shed relationships that no longer served me and attracted a job with seven-digit earning potential that’s perfect for me. With the loving support of intention circle, the powerful women who participated and Dawn’s supportive guidance I was able to make breakthroughs in my life that before had seemed out of reach. My relationship with myself and the Divine blossomed as a result of participating in the circles. I grew to love each of the women in the circles in a very sacred way because we had held space for one another to grow. I look forward to the next intention circle and working with Dawn again very soon.”


Women placing their hands together in the middle of their circle, women supporting each other.

Let's do this, together.