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Thinking Partnerships

A powerful and unique 1:1 process designed to allow you to receive your own deep insights and awareness through an area of your life where you are lacking clarity or empowerment as you think for yourself and are listened to without being interrupted.
A woman sits next to a still body of water and contemplates the mountain view in front of her.

A powerful and unique 1:1 process designed to allow you to receive your own deep insights and awareness through an area of your life where you are lacking clarity or empowerment as you think for yourself and are listened to without being interrupted.

Nancy Kline, from Time to Think, created this beautiful process to help her clients learn to think for themselves. This is a great coaching tool and process that I incorporate into my 1:1 coaching sessions, or can be a stand alone package.

In addition, I host a monthly Thinking Session.


“Dawn has a wonderful presence and I would recommend a thinking partnership session to anyone wanting to go deeper into their own self-discovery. I left the session with an incredible incisive question that I was given to ponder. The following day ended up taking a huge action in my life that I have been stalling on for many years. After I took this big action I realized it was completely related to my session with Dawn. I am so grateful that I gave myself the gift of a thinking partnership.”

-Anita, Musician & Artist

“Wow, a Thinking Partnership. What a novel idea. You get to sit and talk for hours, and have someone listen to you, I mean really listen to you. How rare is that?! In my Thinking Partnership with Dawn, I made some miraculous discoveries and released a lot. I noticed so many layers of nonsense and emotion coming out at first, as Dawn lovingly received me. I felt completely supported and never judged for a moment. The space she created allowed me to freely explore. Once those first layers were released, I uncovered some real gems. The format is geared toward uncovering an incisive question. A kind of summary of all that thinking, leaving you with something that you can use tangibly in your life after the session. Dawn is very supportive in helping to formulate the incisive question. Mine was really poignant. Months after our session, I am still using my incisive question to inform my thoughts and actions. It helped me to express a whole philosophy, a game changing view on life, that was in my head but I couldn’t put into words. Now I love sharing it in my world with friends and clients. I highly recommend trying out a Thinking Partnership with Dawn to see what you uncover”

-Anthea Graupner, Strategy, Solutions and Efficiency Guru

“Completing a thinking partnership with Dawn has had a profound and deepening impact on the quality of my thinking. My thoughts are more clear, I am more focused my ability to express myself concisely has greatly improved. Dawn is a gifted and skilled facilitator. The whole process was an awakening. I always judged my own thinking as scattered and took for granted that it cannot be improved. To take responsibility for the quality of my thinking was empowering. The actual session with Dawn was lovely and so healing. To be given the space to complete my thoughts while being held in Dawn’s presence was a gift. The true value of the session took root in the weeks afterward, my confidence and clarity with my thoughts kept deepening. I’m grateful for Nancy Kline’s works and Dawn’s facilitation of it. Thanks again Dawn, I hope this communicates how grateful I am for you and how much the session truly impacted and improved my life.”

-Bryan H, Graphic Artist

“Dawn is a beautiful soul and has a kind presence. Her love and compassion are immediately apparent even through her silence of the Thinking Partnership. Not having much experience with such work, I found my session with Dawn profound and powerful. Through just one session with Dawn I gained much clarity and wisdom gained from generative thinking. I would definitely recommend.”

-L Saglio, Life Coach, Yoga Guide, Author, Speaker

“My thinking partnership session with Dawn was exquisite and frankly AMAZING! Throughout the process, I had the full-bodied experience of being truly seen and heard, and I was given the opportunity to communicate with another loving person without relying on her words or gestures to validate my thoughts. Dawn’s loving presence created an extremely safe environment for me to explore the deepest thoughts in my consciousness, and I knew wholeheartedly that I was in good hands to do so. Dawn emanates love and understanding at every moment of the process, and I left the session with clarity and healing for the issues that had been troubling me. This process is sacred, and I highly, highly, highly recommend it!”

-Greg W, MFT, CSAT

“In my experience working with Dawn, I have truly felt the power of being heard, and within that space, and Dawn’s transformational processing, I have connected to my inner wisdom, and my inner compass. I am so touched at the depth of Dawn’s heart and her commitment to this work.”