“Wow, a Thinking Partnership. What a novel idea. You get to sit and talk for hours, and have someone listen to you, I mean really listen to you. How rare is that?! In my Thinking Partnership with Dawn, I made some miraculous discoveries and released a lot. I noticed so many layers of nonsense and emotion coming out at first, as Dawn lovingly received me. I felt completely supported and never judged for a moment. The space she created allowed me to freely explore. Once those first layers were released, I uncovered some real gems. The format is geared toward uncovering an incisive question. A kind of summary of all that thinking, leaving you with something that you can use tangibly in your life after the session. Dawn is very supportive in helping to formulate the incisive question. Mine was really poignant. Months after our session, I am still using my incisive question to inform my thoughts and actions. It helped me to express a whole philosophy, a game changing view on life, that was in my head but I couldn’t put into words. Now I love sharing it in my world with friends and clients. I highly recommend trying out a Thinking Partnership with Dawn to see what you uncover”

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